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NEW - The Network of Entrepreneurial Women

Inspiring, enlightening and encouraging women to reach their highest potential.
Flyers for Meet, Munch & Mastermind

There are two flyers to choose from - orange or yellow, according to your own aesthetic preference. They are available in pdf format, for printing, and jpg format, if you prefer an e-flyer.

Flyer - (green  & orange) - (pdf format)   
Flyer - (green  & orange) - (jpg format)   

Flyer - (green  & yellow) - (pdf format)
Flyer - (green  & yellow) - (jpg format)    

  Meet, Munch & Mastermind ~ Part of Crain's Small Business Week.

Crain's Small Business Week Event to be Held in Glen Ellyn
NEW - The Network of Entrepreneurial Women invites all local businesswomen to attend this fun, enlightening 1/2 day event of networking and education

October 8, 1-6pm
Shannon's Irish Pub
428 N Main St, Glen Ellyn, IL

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