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Getting Started with The New Social Media for Business...The Process is Real Simple!!!

Post a Story, Blog or Event. Design your Company Lounge and Associate with like-minded businesses.
1. Set up your Company Profile
Make sure to upload your Company Logo as well as your Avatar. This will come in handy later! <br><br>From here you can search for Associates, Associate with other Honchos, and so much more.

2. Set up your Company Lounge

This will allow your Prospective Clients & Associates know what your Company produces. Make sure to upload and choose your big brand image, and type your Slogan, Brand Message, Sub Message. This will come in handy later, too! <br><br><br><br><br><br>Be creative with your layout - you've got lots of options, and can add as many layout blocks as you like. <br>
  3. Now it will be easy for you to complete several business oriented marketing strategies:

On your Profile Page there are three additional create buttons to get you started!<br><br>Post an Event: Market Event Times, Locations and Ads. Collect RSVP's<br><br>Post an Article/Story: Become an instant Author/Columnist. Get the word out. Find more Readers!!!<br><br>Post a Blog: Tell your story Day to Day, Week to Week. <br> <br>
  4. When commenting and visiting other members pages.....

....You will be able to quickly drop your company info using our Drop Card feature as well as the Associate button.<br><br>5. Get ready for more updates, and more money-making features!<br><br>And please keep in mind that not everything is going to work perfectly. Were are in Beta Launch Mode and we are still working out some bugs and adding more and more updates... Thanks so much!!! :)<br>

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