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Getting Started with The New Social Media for Business...The Process is Real Simple!!!

Post a Story, Blog or Event. Design your Company Lounge and Associate with like-minded businesses.
1. Set up your Company Profile
Make sure to upload your Company Logo as well as your Avatar. This will come in handy later!

From here you can search for Associates, Associate with other Honchos, and so much more.

2. Set up your Company Lounge

This will allow your Prospective Clients & Associates know what your Company produces. Make sure to upload and choose your big brand image, and type your Slogan, Brand Message, Sub Message. This will come in handy later, too!

Be creative with your layout - you've got lots of options, and can add as many layout blocks as you like.

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Network with other Honchos, vividly brand your business message in your Company Lounge, promote Events, post Articles, Blog and connect all facets of your organization on the social media designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals. 
Check out this cool as title!

Business Dreams Come to Life Here - Meet Your Next Client, Your Next Vendor, Your Next Refferal Partner in the Only Networking Event You Can Attend From Your Couch

This is the best title, because it's the last title.

A new innovative social networking site has been lauched.
The new social networking site which is growing very fast
Why this social networking site is great compared to other social networking site?? Answer is

1 It has all feature which is in other social networking sites like facebook.

2 The best thing I like about this site is you get points for surfing in mirrorfy
and the point can be rendeem to free gift cards from amazon, New concept in social networking site. Why the site owner( Eg facebook and myspace) only get benifitted ? , member should also get benifit.
The thing you need to do is visit daily, share in your timeline, tweets in twitter
etc. For any thing you do which is illustrated in punchtab you get 100 points each.
Click in the punchtab toolbar for detail like fconnect.

3 The admin of the site says he is working with voip company, so that we can make free calls
to other mobile. He says he is talking with voip company.

4 The site has promotion and contest going like nexus 4 giveways and selection of some moderators.
The moderators will be selected depending upon how active users are and how they promote mirrorfy.
For detail see Events section.

5 On the blog post the admin of the site has written , each month top member who write great original articles in group and forum will be selected and he/she will be given free advertisement space in his website for 1 week.

6 There are some great discussions and also there are groups like android and iphone where you can get good knowledge and also get advice to the solution of the problem related to the mobile from the tech.

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