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metoo, Tarana Burke, Joan Morg
Undermining Black Progress for the Advancement of white supremacy and the part we play

By DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
As Black People are feeling sick because all the #metoo movement culminated and ended with was the destruction of Bill Cosby, Black People are watching whiteness work. As serial rapists/sexual assaulters Harvey Weinstein, Tom Brokaw, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and other white men escaped unharmed and free to live their lives. Unwitting Black Folk are left holding the #metoo bag.

Well, we know now that there are 3 types of Black People.

1. Those who will call you up or send a little Black Child running to tell you that the klan is on their way.

2. Those who will tell the klan exactly where your Black asses are at.


3. Those who desperately want to cuddle with white supremacy; if these Black Folk see a stuck pickup truck filled with whites on the side of the road they will do everything they can to help. But as it drives away, with the back filled with white men, guns & flags, the unwittingly helpful Black Person yells "oh shit, the klan is coming!"

Joan Morgan - An excerpt from her Article "Rape Culture" can be found here

#2 represents the super buffoon. Joan Morgan & Hannibal Buress. The #3 type of unwitting buffoon represents Tarana Burke, the creator of the #metoo movement.   Tarana Burke was not the first one to try and cuddle up to white women and try and create a movement that accidentally destroyed a portion of the Black Community and inevitably jailed Black Men. There was another. And don't worry: Black Men play a part in cuddling white supremacy as well.

Back in 1989, while there were articles by Black Men saying how the Central Park 5 were railroaded, whites like Donald Trump were spending BIG MONEY to make sure those little Black Boys were imprisoned. But right along with Trump there was a Black Woman by the name of Joan Morgan who wrote a counter argument against her own boyfriend-at-the-time's article about rape culture in the Black Community.

This was some false, made up garbage to befriend and impress white people. I'm sorry to say this happens every time someone young & Black graduates college. They are eager, and white seems right - ALWAYS. And of course, white women never lie, right? Let me give you an idea of what she wrote to help whites railroad those innocent boys into prison: 

"There is much less tolerance for racism than sexism in the black community.... We live in a pro-rape culture ... Where did these kids come from? How could they have done this? The answer isn't so mysterious. They're susceptible children who receive messages from their environment. They watch the brothers verbally harass women on the street and get away with it. They listen to their favorite rappers wax macho and sexist...."

She felt that her boyfriend's article didn't have enough about *race* in it. So what she adds, is how jacked up SHE thinks the Black Community is.

Keep in mind, those Little Black Boys NEVER committed the crime. They NEVER committed the crime that they would spend 12 years in prison for. Just innocent and Black. Joan Morgan didn't care though,.. she felt that "Black Men were getting away with it" her words.

Let's not forget that bits and pieces of this counter article would be used in the 21st Century over & over again. "Rape Culture in the Black Community" and ... do you remember when white people put out that lying-ass video supposedly depicting the plight of the white woman walking in New York? Where the makers of the video conveniently edited out all street harassment by white men? Effectively pinning "street harassment" on Black Men in order to promote white men as being non-street-harassy towards women. It's all a perfect repetition of Joan Morgan's article informing white America about how depraved the "brothers" are to passing women on the street. Do you see how systematic this is? And how needed the super buffoon is to white supremacy?

So there, that is the beginning of rape culture for Black People. White supremacy loves Black People like this. They have their antennas up for select Black buffoons that will help to undermine Black People and advance white supremacy. Just like William O'Neal who sold out & helped the Chicago police & the FBI murder Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Movement. 

William O'Neal - FBI cointelpro Snitch/Informant/Traitor to his people

Hannibal Buress

Now, let's fast forward to the 21st Century and Hannibal Buress, eager to cuddle white supremacy and save white women from the dastardly Black hands of Bill Cosby.  Now let's stop right here and not pretend like white people weren't whispering into multiple Black ears - those stupid enough to listen. "Did you know Bill Cosby was a serial rapist??" It only took one dummy, one buffoon, and Hannibal Buress was it. That's when white supremacy starts to pick up that 1989 idea (I have to admit, this garbage framed our whole lives) put forth by Joan Morgan - 'rape culture's a problem in the Black Community.'

But white supremacy's smart, they just talk about rape culture in general. But they depend on these Black Buffoons to help move it along in the racist direction they want it to go.

That's right: just like Santa Claus needs little elves to help him make all those toys, white supremacy has their buffoons - eager & willing to undermine the Black Community.

Didn't you find it peculiar and way off code that right in the midst of Black People fighting hard to stop white racist police from murdering Black Men, Black Women & Black Children, Hannibal Buffoon Ass Buress feels that this is a perfect time to snitch and become an informant for white supremacy about Bill Cosby?

This was a buffoon ass monkey wrench that undermined and split Black forces for the advancement of Black People. Not only do we have to rail against coward racist white cops, but we would then have to defend Bill Cosby at all costs. Some of us. My God, this was a surprise gift for white supremacy.

Only a super buffoon would be like "NOW is the time." Did he think this through? Did he think about where this info was coming from? Did he not ever think that the source would be desperately trying to protect its white self? The answer is NO.

Lets be honest, beads and trinkets from white people make buffoons happy. Joan Morgan is still making money, probably just above minimum wage, from the lie she told in 1989 to undermine Black Progress. And just the promise of white trinkets had Hannibal Buress sell out Black People. Our only comfort is: Buress and Morgan can never come back to the community. NEVER to be trusted or believed.

Tarana Burke

Now let's talk about the unwitting Buffoons. These are educated Black People. But, they have a problem with unwittingly cuddling white supremacy and getting charged up on silly shit. Those who fit in this category unfortunately are people like Tarana Burke.

Now that everybody feels good, and all moistened up, the problem is that the Taranas NEVER understand that white women DO NOT have the capacity to punish white men, like they have the capacity to punish Black Men. And the same can be said for Black Women. Black Women, like Whoopi-Buffoon-Golberg, do not have the capacity to punish white men. But Black Men, though. Those negroes need the maximum punishment. So, Tarana creates #metoo and the focus immediately shifts from all the white guys, straight to Bill Cosby, the Black Man.

Gloria Allred celebrating the destruction of a large portion of the Black Community

After the guilty verdict they trotted out Tarana Burke. She looked sick. Tricked. Bamboozled. Made a FOOL out of. And rightfully so, Tarana. Yall got to stop doing this stupid shit. This is how it plays out every single time. White women get riled up, and feel like they're being oppressed sexually. But that's nothing compared to the Black Woman's sexual oppression - I'll refer you to the two white male cops stripping a Black Woman naked at a Waffle House as an example.

Nevertheless, Tarana's there to cuddle white supremacy cause they need you desperately. They sacrifice a Black Man, or a bunch of Black Children, say "now we will be believed!" The white guys laugh, say 'thank you for helping us put that negroe with his philanthropy and amazingness in prison; now ladies, get back to work, get back into the kitchen', and that's what the white women do. 

Oh, you want ultimate proof that what I'm talking about is real? And that the #metoo movement is over? Some of 115 white women who signed the Defense-of-Brokaw letter are now claiming they were forced to sign it, "or else."

Tom Brokaw

And the Taranas are just left standing there, holding the #metoo bag. And that #metoo bag ain't worth shit, especially in the Black Community.

If there was a such thing as a #metoo t-shirt, you couldn't give those mugs away for free. You can't even use that shit to dry off your car. Utterly useless.

There are more unwitting buffoons, those who were angry at Bill for the weakest of reasons. Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore were upset about the "Poundcake Speech", and put their thumb on the scale that bent toward the prosecution.

When they were told that what they were doing was only helping white supremacy, they did stop,  but, in actuality, they just parlayed it into a different way to tear down Bill.

They claimed that the Cosby Show was detrimental to the Black Community because it gave us unrealistic expectations. So now his shows are gone, along with a huge swath of Black Culture. So I hope these two are happy that those pesky ass evil shows by Bill Cosby are gone for the entire Black Community.

Now let me say this, Bill Cosby put his money where his expectations were. He backed up his shows and his wants for Black People with his philanthropy. It wasn't some aspirational ass Barack Obama bullshit. He put his own money behind Black schools and Black college students. He didn't just preach "go to college" he PAID FOR IT. With all the money that he had made over the decades from those shows. So you two, Antonio Moore & Yvette Carnell are just WRONG, WRONG WRONG. Now live with it & OWN IT. And don't you EVER repeat that same mistake again.

And we as the #1 type of Black People have to hold these other type of Black People - the 2s & 3s - to account. I know yall are desperate, so am I. But our desperation does not have room for silly shit. Cause the costs are too high, if you accidentally help that pickup truck full of racist whites off the side of the road.

Now to the rest, who are the super buffoons who help white supremacy with the destruction of Bill Cosby. This includes Lenard, aka Charlamagne tha God, who stated before the trial "Bill is guilty and should just kill himself." Elon James White, who was rah rah with these white women, talking about #emptychair. He felt that white women never lie. And Dr Boyce Watkins: this super buffoon who stated over & over again "I think he did it, I think he's guilty, but I don't think he should go to jail." What!?? Just dumb shit. That just aided white supremacy. So there you have it, they round out #2. Those who will tell the Klan exactly where your Black Ass is at.

Again the rest of us represent #1, who will send word that the klan is coming. We outnumber the buffoons. But white supremacy like the buffoons way more better than us. Because the buffoons are helpful to white supremacy. That's why it's our job as the best of the Black Community to not let these buffoons go unchecked.

It's with a heavy heart that this article / Twitter thread was written. And that I had to mention the names of some of these people. But what else can we do? Our previous generation of Black Folk hid their shame in order to protect and hide mistakes.

But the result of these omissions only led the Black Community to repeat the same errors over and over again. Hopefully with this article the truth will be out and we can move forward on code and with solidarity towards the advancement of Black People. And call out the underminers, no matter how popular they are, before things get out of hand. And before Black Men & Black People pay the ultimate price.

Please comment on twitter.com/massupdater ... We are completing this Social Network as we speak! Thanks and get ready.

Barack Obama, Ebony Magazine,
Ebony, Black, Female, and Late to the Party
It's 2016 and Ebony Mag just discovered the weakness

By DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
Did President Barack Obama leave Black Women out, and deny them the top prize?
Please get your "excuses for Obama keyboards" ready, because if you thought you would see a Black Woman on the U.S. Supreme Court in your lifetime, well think again.

It's amazing that after years of Black Men trying to warn the Black Community of the weakness that encompasses the entirety of President Barack Obama's personality that it took so long for Black Women to catch up. The African American Woman was the most resistant to the African American Man's justified truth about Obama. The most out spoken men of note to speak up and then be shouted down by the most clueless Obama defenders/sheeple were Tavis Smiley and Dr Cornell West.

These two successful Black Men were told by less critically thinking Blacks: "you just mad because you ain't the president." or "He has a hard job, you don't know his plan" or "He's not the president of Black People, he's the president of all the people in the United States of America" or "We need to get him into office first" or "We need to get into office a second time" or "What would you do if your family was threatened?" or the most asinine of all the defenses from Black Women "Why don't you run for Office?"

Well folks the manure has hit the fan. Some Black Women have finally woken up, and I say some, because it will take time for the rest to get the Ebony Memo. So what woke them up you may ask? Well it was the POTUS pick for the Supreme Court. After all the exceptional voting in record numbers for the first Black President, after the nonsensical-unwavering defense of Obama's weakness, Black Women did not get the top prize they expected out of the deal.

President Obama had three shots at SCOTUS nominations, the first was to replace Justice Souter who retired. His choice for that vacancy was a Latin Woman, Sonia Sotomayor. Which Black People gave him a pass on. Mainly Because Black folk are fair. Then Justice Paul Stevens retired and Obama appoints a White woman Elena Kagan. But in that fairness Black folk believed that if he had a third shot before he left office Obama surely would choose an African American. But no, Obama chose a 63 year old white male, Merrick Garland.

Whoever would believe that Obama would FOLLOW THROUGH for Black Folk clearly were not paying attention to Obama's record with dealing with Black issues. Obama is not the type of strong man that would stand up for his people, ask Van Jones, ask Shirley Sharrod, ask Reverend Wright, ask the Black Protesters of Baltimore.  

African American Woman are just now waking up to the fact that Obama is a squander-er of resources, that takes Black Men and Black Women for granted. Or at the very least Obama doesn't believe Black Folk deserve payback for their support, votes, or defense of his bottomless weakness. Black Women can now see what Black men saw before he was elected President. That he values white males, Gay people, Latin people, White Women, and pays them back quickly for their support.

But for Black Folk he gives a "pull yourself up by your boot straps" speech.

Black Men would have been happy if Obama appointed an African American Woman to the Supreme Court. But we're not surprised that he chose instead a white male republican for his nominee. Mainly because Black Men have largely given up on Obama doing what we sent him to the Presidency to do, and that was to improve the conditions for Black People as a whole, fight for us, give us our overdue shot at the American Dream. Instead Black folk were dismissed and put on the back burner or not put on the stove at all. With statements like: "Run for office first before you talk to me!" Black Women cheered and clapped for this line btw...Black Women of course knew that this was not meant for them, right ladies, just for the dark skinned Black Male, right ladies?

The one thing that I know about being Black and Male is that if met with too much ignorant resistance from Black women and their Male Minions, Michael Eric Dyson, we will take our "ball" and go home, so Black Women can learn for themselves. Like Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West intelligently did, and they went back to their successful careers and said "fuck yall" without saying the words.

One of the most universal day dreams that Black Folks had while studying the Civil Rights Movement was, things would have been better during that time if we had a Black President. We know for sure now if Barack Obama had been president during the time when Civil Rights was being fought for by Million of brave Black people, Obama would have called the then Negro Protesters "thugs", he would have called Martin Luther King a "thug" and there would not have been a Thurgood Marshall Supreme Court Justice. Obama would have chosen a white guy from the suburbs of Illinois named Merrick, to appease white people. Sad but true.

It would have been nice if he was that dude, that Harold Washington was, that type of dude. You know that type of Black Man who remembers and values his people, that Black Guy.

Well Black Women you all are just going to have to live off his weak, over-processed, no nutritional value, 2 Percent Milk, lightly toasted Presidency for Black folk like the rest of us.

Social Media
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NEW Small Business Week Co Founders
There's three of them, too

By DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
NEW's three Co Founders are Erica, Karen, and Maike

NEW Small Business Week Co Founders
There's three of them, too

By DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
NEW's three Co Founders are Erica, Karen, and Maike

NEW Small Business Week Speakers
There's three of them!

By DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
Crain's Small Biz Week has three speakers this year: Niquenya, Crystal and Peggy.

NEW Small Business Week Pop-up Show

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At NetworkHoncho.com's Newsroom, you can publish articles, schedule them for a specific publishing date, and share them with the social media designed for business.

Journalists in today's economy are as likely to be an entrepreneur as the average Mom & Pop store. With blogs and online media leading modern media, it's never been more important for any given writer to expand readership, and never easier than with NetworkHoncho.com.

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Free Talk Live show
Ian Bernard Opposes ANY Age of Consent
On his radio call in show

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Ian "Freeload" Bernard of the Free Keene sideshow of the Free State Project, speaking on air - on his radio call in show, expounds on his view that children are able to decide for themselves when to be sexually active. Apparently children can't be exploited - they're perfectly capable of deciding for themselves. He doesn't believe in any age of consent. He doesn't give a cut off age, either. Would an infant be capable of consent in the twisted view of Ian Bernard? This is libertarianism taken to the extreme edge of the extreme. Notice how pissy he gets with the caller - and how uncomfortable his cohost becomes. (Note: his cohost is a convicted murderer.) It seems "Pastor" Freeload thinks that if adults want to schtup children, it's nobody's business.
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Writer and Columnist
A Network Honcho News Story
Celebrate Women's History Month

By DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
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