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Blog Posted:June 23, 2016 4:03 AMtesting
How to Get Started with Network Honcho
Just a Quick Note About Where to Find Help
BY: DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
For more info about how to get started with Network Honcho, check out my Company Lounge
Blog Posted:October 09, 2014 10:43 PMtesting
Welcome to the Network Honcho Blog
Build Some Click Bait for Your Brand
BY: DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
Welcome to the Network Honcho Blog. Here we'll keep you updated on the latest at NetworkHoncho, in a more frequent and less formal basis than we do in the newsroom.

In other words: fast, furious & fun.
Blog Posted:May 28, 2015 10:08 PMtesting
A Network Honcho Blog
Programming, Web Design, and Computer RepairVirtual
BY: DaShan Thomas, NetworkHoncho.com
MUE represents a brand new industry for those webdevelopers that are ahead of the curve. Be an IT life saver for all your clients old and new. Start a budding new business or launch an offshoot and increase your company's bottom line with the handiest new service on the web.


PC game from the 1990s futuristic multiplayer you had to protect a guy when he got of the train.

pc game from the 1990s futuristic multiplayer you had to stay alive before this train came into the station

Futuristic multiplayer PC game from the 1990s

The game puts the player in charge of a self-named corporation in a gritty near-future cyberpunk-style world in the year 2096. The teams of up to four cyborg agents are used in a series of deadly missions, which include assassinations, infiltration, theft and "persuasion" (using a device called a Persuadertron to capture individuals of importance). The game's objective is to establish world-wide dominance with the established syndicate, one territory at a time, while engaging and eliminating rival syndicates and putting down internal mutinies.

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